• YMLCpl Isabel Zack

Conservation at Blackwater State Park

Yesterday, the Young Marines of Pensacola had the opportunity to help with the #conservation efforts at Blackwater State Park. We met with Mr. Craig Iverson of the Florida State Forestry Service to begin our conservation project. Our day would start with a cleanup of the area we would be working in. It sadden us to see all of the trash that was left behind by previous visitors. We carried out three bags of trash!

After cleanup was done we raked, spread grass seed, and spread a light layer of pine straw. Mr. Iverson explained to us that planting grass seed in this area would keep sediment from washing into the stream giving the fish a clean, safe place to spawn.

Mr. Iverson was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of information on conservation. We really enjoyed working with him and we are looking forward to our next project in October. #CommunityService #Conservation

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