The Young Marines is open to all youth ages 8 through completion of high school. The only membership requirement is that the youth must be in good standing at school. Since the Young Marines' humble beginnings, in 1959, with one unit and a handful of boys, the organization has grown to over 300 units with 10,000 youth and 3,000 adult volunteers in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and Germany, Japan, and affiliates in a host of other countries.

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All new recruits will go through boot camp. While in boot camp recruits will be instructed on history, citizenship, customs and courtesies, close order drill, physical fitness, military rank structure, and more. Our recruits improve their leadership skills, fitness, and gain a sense of pride and personal accomplishment that can increase confidence and self-esteem. Recruits will participate in camping, community service, parades, and other activities. 

Graduation Day is a proud, rewarding, and memorable occasion. This is the day a recruit becomes a "Young Marine" and may wear the uniform with honor and pride. After graduation, Young Marines will continue to learn new skills, earn leadership awards, and earn rank.

Our next Boot Camp orientation will be held on January  5, 2019 and Boot Camp will begin on January 18, 2020.

The initial start up cost is $275.00. This pays for uniform, registration fee for National, and a variety of other gear. Payment plans are available however, payment must be completed 2 weeks before graduation so uniforms and gear can be ordered. Sponsorships may be available based on need and availability. 


We understand that waiting for Boot Camp can be discouraging. You can join our program now as a poolie and participate in our activities while waiting for Boot Camp to start! Poolie registration is $75 and is deducted from the start up cost. This covers the cost of National registration, camelback and PT gear.

Contact Us to join our next Boot Camp Orientation January 18, 2020

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